Sandra Gering is one of New York’s most respected and well recognized art curator and dealers specializing in modern and contemporary art. Unlike most art dealers and curators Sandra studied dental hygiene and worked in the field for numerous years before meeting her husband and settling down in Long Island, dedicating her time to her two children. When both her children finished collage, Sandra divorced her husband and decided to leave Long Island for New York city, Greenwich village. It was there where her passion for art and artists became a full-time job. Sandra now represents various artists such as KAWS, Janine Antoni, and Leo Villareal.  Without a degree or any educational background to the world of art Sandra is known for her ability in seeing 10 to 20 years ahead of the art world.   Sandra is not only recognized for her unbelievable taste in art but is known for her elegant character and palate for high end fashion.  Sandra was also a featured “model” at our New York City Shoot and is a cherished member of the YALI community.  
This week she shares some of her recently discovered artist, playlist and shares her biggest sources of inspiration during lock down …
What artist have you recently discovered?
                                                 Eddie Kang
 Jennifer Wen Ma
 The Late Li Hui
YALI: What has been your biggest source of inspiration during lock down?
Sandra : Zoom calligraphy lessons, Museum walk through of exhibitions, especially the Middle
Eastern department at the Met, and spiritual lectures.
YALI: In three words describe your style.
Sandra: Minimal, with touches of color.
YALI:If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
Sandra: The Louvre, Abu Dhabi.
 PS: Sandra Made you a playlist for when you think you are in love!