We asked dada to create the perfect gift guide, the one who also pleases the most difficult person in your gifts list.

The one that already has everything

While she might have everything, she definitely doesn’t have body parts that light up a room.

Our light next up bundle is the chicest way to add a little artful flair to the night. 

The healthy food expert

Speaking of vegan healthy exquisite truffles, we have painstakingly worked on creating chocolate that tastes as decadent and indulgent as any sinful dessert but is made from strictly clean ingredients.

We also dressed them up in the shape of eyes and lips, so they are as comfortable at a bedside as they are at a cocktail table. 

The art enthusiast

Our indulgent surrealist bundle is for any and all art lovers. A little nod to its namesake movement, a little taste of classic portraiture and a whole lot creating the chicest entertaining moment.

The midnight snacker 

Umami cocktail nuts are both salty and sweet - satisfying and clean. They hit every taste buds touchpoint to whip that craving into shape. 

The  uncompromising aesthete

The truly decadent entertainer bundle is for the person who needs every touchpoint in their life to be chic. From their Cauli popcorn to their dessert truffles to their serving spoon. The most deliciously indulgent decadent night in a box.

The home decor addicted

Our Baby won’t you hold my butts ashtray, is really a small livable piece of art. It’s a form meet function sculpture that can carry everything from ash butts, to keys, to jewellery to vegan healthy exquisite truffles. 


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