Mother, Microguru, Galactic Traveler, and author of Gypset Style shares music that inspires her for "Pyjama Party N3" and answers our burning questions about her ideal pyjama party.

Julia Chaplin and her daughter dancing outside

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YALI: If you could host your pyjama party anywhere in the world, where would it be?


JULIAI would take over the Chateau Marmont and have all my friends dressed in pj's and slippers and running around between the rooms.


YALI: What's your favorite meal to cook with your daughter on nights in? 


JULIA: Every night is a night in! We cook so much. We love making elaborate breakfasts, like crepes with mystery filings, fluffy pancakes, and various iced teas. My daughter serves everything with a British accent at her fictional Cafexotica.

julia and her daughter in hammock

 YALI: Where  is the first place you're going to travel when quarantine is over?


JULIA: I'll probably go on a surf trip to Mexico and then Portugal and then Formentera. but maybe not in that order.


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Pia and Yali Team

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