Luke Edward Hall is an artist, designer, FT Weekend columnist and a long time YALI supporter. He shared a curated playlist and what his dream dinner party looks like and a playlist to go along with it. 

Luke wearing the Cardinal Red Blazer from YALI Core Collection
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YALI: If you could invite anyone in the world to your dinner party, who would be on your dream guest list?

Luke: To be honest right now I'd be very happy with my boyfriend Duncan, our whippet Merlin, and our friends! Many we haven't seen in so long... But let's throw in some fun people that I'd like to meet, too: David Hockney, Wes Anderson, Donna Tartt, Nigella Lawson, Amanda Gorman...  
YALI: Where would you host your dinner?

Luke: It would be June or July and we'd be in the big bit of wild garden behind our house here in the Cotswolds. It would be a balmy evening and we'd have borrowed some trestle tables so we could eat among the long grass, looking out across the fields surrounding us. The smell of sweet peas would be heavy in the air.
YALI: What would you be serving?
Luke: Jugs of cocktails. Big platters of summery things that we could share: squished up things on toast like peas from our vegetable patch with lots of mint, and roasted peaches with ricotta. Tomatoes with lots of olive oil and maybe something we could barbecue like beef from the farm near us, or squid. A good pudding would be essential - a trifle, or panna cotta or tiramisu...