About Yali


YALI is a dreamy lifestyle brand inspired by past eras and new worlds. Designed in Milan, Yali uses traditional craft to create timeless pieces in modern silhouettes and hypnotic colorways.

Born in Parma, Italy, Pia Zanardi grew up traveling to the countryside near the Po River. Surrounded by creative influences, whether ’90s punk graphics (she worked at Brooklyn-based skate shop KCDC as a formative teen), working with legend- ary art gallerist and dealer Sandra Gering, or going with her nonna to the opera in couture, Pia has a strong sense of aesthetic exploration that forms the core of Yali.
Based between New York City and Milan, Zanardi’s passion for the art of living is further reflected by her time spent across cultures in Beijing, New Zealand and London. Her inspirations range from Giotto to Federico Fellini, Wong- Kar-wai and 80s Moschino.