Textiles and Color Library

A note from the Founder

YALI line was born from my time living in China-- a celebration of their craftsmanship and history, which I strive to combine with my Italian heritage. The collection is made of very specific textiles, rare to find and which require specific  skills to make;
I believe that textiles and colours have a therapeutic function towards our body and mind, I grew up with learning disabilities, I’m heavily dyslectic and I had a tutor who would make me memorize homework by touching textiles and looking at different colours. And it worked!

We interview and are in constant conversation with our customers, the YALI tribe: adventurers of the new millennium, nomads of the world, who live and thrive in the chaos of global urban jungles. Prior to release, we ask them to test the collection and ensure our garments are designed to adapt to any situation in their global lifestyles. We aim to create a collection of refined essentials, which both simplify and enrich the lives of our tribe.


The Fabrication:

YALI uses pure and natural textiles such as Suzhou silk and Nankeen linen that develop unique imperfections over time, telling the story of the person who wears them. Carefully curated selections of jade stone buttons and traditional Chinese embroidery by local Yunnan artists reflect Pia’s vision for detail and authenticity.