Claire is the founder of  DADA, a brand that makes fun guilt-free indulgences, mindfully-crafted snacks & experimental tableware.

This week she shares a salad recipe, playlist, and where she has been drawing inspiration from...


The DADA salad:

Box of Mesculan Salad
1 full avocado smashed and chopped in
2 spoons of hawthorn valley sauerkraut (incredible for digestion and gut health)
Pinch of salt and pepper
1 small bag of Cheesy Cauli or 1 small bag of guac pop
1 squeeze lime
Chopped cilantro

(Chopped up all Together and rolled in Nori (sushi) sheets 

DADA salad plated

YALI: Who or what has been inspiring you recently?

Claire: Vienna succession, art nouveau , Art Deco period. Joseph Hoffman. My dream to to decorate an old ore war upper east side apartment in that style - I’ve also really loved going back to Jil Sander and exploring her and her style. It’s so iconic chic and I’ve realized in the pandemic the simplicity in happiness in simple deep rooted high design.

Visual Shop Graphic for Tobacco Puffer Blazer

YALI: How would you describe your personal style?

Claire: Simplicity and quality but with a lot of character.

PS: Claire made you a fun playlist!
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